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Sunday, December 7, 2014

SMS Saves Lives During Disasters

During times of incoming typhoons, Philippines is always in a state of panic most esp. on how to disseminate information to all Filipinos that will be hit by the typhoon. Common scenario is LGUs going house to house to ask the people to evacuate. There will be live news on TV and on radio to warn the people. Regarding school classes announcement, parents usually rely on TV and radio but most of the time PAGASA will announce suspension of classes late or on the day itself. Little children are already at the school and they will be welcomed with no classes. LGUs, Schools and PAGASA are always being blamed for this.  In fairness to them, they are doing all their job. They are constrained by the speed of information of TV, radios, and internet which is beyond their control. We cant deny that there are still many homes that has no access to internet as well as TV and radio. Speed of information dissemination from authorities to its people is simply SLOW. This is a given fact. When disaster struck, information from the people to the authorities is SLOW as well. For instance, when there is flooding, victims are already in the roof of their houses and still no rescue arrive. Lives will be sacrificed because people do not know how to relay vital information to the LGUs or authorities. This is why at BUSYBEE, we are promoting SMS Hotline for companies, institutions, schools, and most esp the LGUs. Imagine if an LGU has a SMS Hotline, people in distress will just text to their SMS Hotline. Capturing of vital information from the people will be very efficient. Announcement from LGUs and schools to its people and students will be fast and in just click of a button. Beside, majority of Filipinos own a cellphone and they cant live without it. This is one of the most important gadget they will save in times of disasters. Funny but true.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Automating Reminders

Companies hire additional employees to remind customers of their due amount and due date. Assigned employee
checks records and details then compose the SMS. Other companies, wanting to save on cost, just send out reminders via email and direct mail but these methods are no longer effective. People nowadays are mobile and on the go. They are always out. Aside from email reminders go to spam, majority don't have data on their mobile phone. How about we automate billing reminders? BUSYBEE can be integrated to your database and enable your system to work independently to send out reminders. You save on cost bu now hiring additinal employee at the same time making reminders very efficient. 

Enabling Your Website to Send SMS

Did you know that BUSYBEE can make your website send SMS?? Registration page is common in a website. This is used to get information and to profile customers. In order for you to get the full benefits of the website, you need to be a member. Welcome email is used for this but usually it goes to spam. How about revolutionizing the Welcome Greetings via SMS? Wouldn't be more amazing if your customers will receive welcome via SMS? Even if the set up involves huge
investment, big companies and large institutions are still doing this. Reason is- they want it more personalized and straight to the most important gadget of customers - their personal mobile phone! How about we tell you that we can to this at a fraction of the usual cost?? BUSYBEE continually supports SMEs to compete with large companies. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014



BUSYBEE introduce the BUSYBEE WEBCLIENT messaging platform covers over 900 mobile networks across 180 countries. BUSYBEE WEBCLIENT has a wide range of fully set web SMS features that are very user friendly. We also have an API for easy integration from any application and website. BUSYBEE WEBCLIENT is widely used for welcome SMS, payment reminders, announcements, transaction alerts, birthday greetings and a lot more. BRANDED SMS notifications offer a unique form of Brand Recognition and at the same time makes communication more professional.