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Monday, December 8, 2014

Does SMS Marketing Really Work?

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As most brands and organizations now have a mobile optimized version of their website, the focus is now on encouraging users to travel to your site and interact with the brand itself in order to push increased revenue.
Experienced marketers will tell you that customers are much more likely to respond to campaigns that engage them on a personal level. The marketing strategy must be relevant and timely while meeting the customer’s individual needs. In terms of rate of response, the simple SMS dominates the market. It can add real value to a marketing strategy and continues to grow with the decline in consumer spending. Marketers are being forced to find ever more cost effective ways of engaging with users.
Only 12% are facebook posts read
Only 8% twitter posts read.
Only 21% email campaigns read.
Not always people has an internet connection.
People always bring their mobile phones.
People look at their phones at 10 TIMES a day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Mobile Marketing Facts
Not Everyone Can Surf the Internet… no internet accessibility
Not Everyone Checks Email… many emails have never been read and treated as spam mails
Not Everyone Opens Their Letter Box … letters/brochure are discarded
Not Everyone Check Flyers… flyers are thrown away
Not Everyone Are Watching TV… majority are all in the workplace
Not Everyone Read the Newspaper and Magazine… no time to read
Not Everyone Listen to Radio… no time to listen
But Everyone Read SMS Practically At All Places & At All Time … survey suggests that majority have their mobile phones by their side all day long, and mobile phone is one thing that they cannot live without. SMS has become one of today’s most commonly used communicating channel, and it is a 21st century mobile culture.
Did You Know That?
We are still the undisputed Text Capital of the World
There are nearly 85 Million Users of cell phone out of the 92 Million Population
1 Billion SMS are being sent each day
15 Billion are being spent for prepaid load alone every month
Survey shows that cell phone is one thing that Filipinos cannot live without

Not all Text-4-Info programs require undergoing end-user ‘opt-in’ process since customer will be the one to initiate texting of keyword for a specific info. Technically, consumer opted-in already upon texting a keyword. It is the same as a regular opt-in process therefore compliant. Text-4-Info keywords let consumers receive instant details, links to web sites, or portable mobile coupons or any on-demand information. BUSYBEE SMS Platform has a feature called Auto Reply wherein everything is automated. Since there will be no need for a human to operate it, system can be available 24/7. Support customers and prospects 24/7/365 Analyze consumer’s preference by deploying different keywords then comparing results Collect data and/or qualify leads Give customers an exceptional experience to get info easily
Great for real estate agents, auto sales agents, recruiters, or anyone that needs to check the availability of a certain products, at any given time. BUSYBEE SMS Platform can be used for an automated
Perfect for restaurants and for any other business who needs immediate feedbacks from customers – e.g. “How was your food? How was the service? The manager wants to know!” BUSYBEE SMS Platform, can easily captured feedbacks.
Excellent for businesses that want to drive consumers online to content, commerce, or app downloads BUSYBEE SMS Platform has auto reply function to program different set of Keywords to reply back link to different contents and information.
It is commonly known that promoting contests is the absolute best strategy to build your customer base fast. No matter how big or how small the prize is, people love to join and win! With our BUSYBEE SMS Platform, launching Text-2-Win contest is easy. This will be fruitful for the business and fun for the customers.
Polls are another great tactic. Asking your customers what they prefer can add valuable profiles to your customer database. This will help you target future campaigns at a more precise direction. Combining a prize for customers that respond to polls is the perfect combination for a successful campaign. BUSYBEE SMS Platform is the best solution for this.
MOBILE VIP CLUB is the latest trend for companies today. Many customers are addicted to this because they always get exclusive deals and discounts from merchants. Whether you are running a contest or not, consistent promotion of your MOBILE VIP CLUB will grow your database and yield rewards to you and your customers for years to come. The key concept is ‘exclusivity’. BUSYBEE SMS Platform is the best platform for MOBILE VIP CLUB.
Mobile alert programs make your communications efficient and effective at the same time unique. It encourages participation of customers, employees, sales teams, stakeholders, and constituents. BUSYBEE SMS Platform allows you to schedule time-sensitive sms alerts that can contain VIP offers and rewards, exclusive invitations, inventory arrivals, and mobile coupons.
Surveys are important tool to determine the pulse of your customers. Survey using mobile phones is the most effective medium since customer can readily reply. It is not boring unlike the traditional survey using a pen. BUSYBEE SMS Platform is the best solution for Text-4-Survey.
Fit for businesses that want to offer e-coupons or deliver promotional codes. BUSYBEE SMS Platform is perfect for this.
Perfect for customers that don’t want to wait on hold or leave a voice mail message after hours. Customers can simply txt to request for a call back. BUSYBEE SMS Platform has suited feature for this.
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