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Friday, December 5, 2014

Automating Reminders

Companies hire additional employees to remind customers of their due amount and due date. Assigned employee
checks records and details then compose the SMS. Other companies, wanting to save on cost, just send out reminders via email and direct mail but these methods are no longer effective. People nowadays are mobile and on the go. They are always out. Aside from email reminders go to spam, majority don't have data on their mobile phone. How about we automate billing reminders? BUSYBEE can be integrated to your database and enable your system to work independently to send out reminders. You save on cost bu now hiring additinal employee at the same time making reminders very efficient. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

BUSYBEE Messaging Platform - Secret to Success


There were 2 best friends - Carlos and John. They are both good in handling business. Both of them are in business of forex - money changer. Carlos is operating 8 branches while John is operating 30 branches. Carlos is confident that he is better than John because of his MBA degree.  Carlos and John one day went out for a coffee. Carlos asked John if he is encountering challenges on customers inquiring for rates. Carlos has been experiencing problem of servicing customers inquiry regarding forex rates. This has been happening for a long time wherein clients keeps on complaining because their landline is always busy. Even if Carlos put up additional landlines and employees to address this problem, customers still complain. The overheads of John went up tremendously. Carlos was doing ok when he had only few branches but when he slowly increased his branches this problem cropped up. Now Carlos ceased expanding. On the other hand, John had never encountered this problem. Clients are happy, overheads are kept to a minimal and he is continually expanding. Carlos finally asked John the secret of his success. John said to Carlos that his secret is putting up a AUTO REPLY SYSTEM. John set up an SMS AUTO REPLY system wherein all his customers will just txt keywords like USD, EUR, JPY, GBP etc, then AUTO REPLY SYSTEM will be the one to automatically fetch the updated forex rates and reply to customers. Not only John saves on additional manpower and putting up additional landlines, John even streamed down his workforce because AUTO REPLY SYSTEM work on its own. No need for an employee to man this system. An employee just need to update the forex rates. Carlos learned a lesson that he will never forget. Being confident and not continually seeking for new and available technology are the reasons for his failure. 

Many businessmen are like Carlos. Too confident of themselves and always thinking they know it all but failing to accept the simple fact that they need to adapt and embrace innovation. The story above is an evidence that shows that we cant stop technological advancement. No degree or know-how can replaced innovation. Businessmen should adapt and accept this, otherwise, they will be like Carlos. We at BUSYBEE continually strives to continually innovate and improve our products. BUSYBEE will soon release version 5.0.0 of its software this coming 2015. Watch out! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014