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Friday, December 5, 2014

Automating Reminders

Companies hire additional employees to remind customers of their due amount and due date. Assigned employee
checks records and details then compose the SMS. Other companies, wanting to save on cost, just send out reminders via email and direct mail but these methods are no longer effective. People nowadays are mobile and on the go. They are always out. Aside from email reminders go to spam, majority don't have data on their mobile phone. How about we automate billing reminders? BUSYBEE can be integrated to your database and enable your system to work independently to send out reminders. You save on cost bu now hiring additinal employee at the same time making reminders very efficient. 

Are You a VIP???

Did you know that "Are You A VIP?" question is very powerful in retail business. We, at BUSYBEE, just recently launched a campaign to improve on loyalty marketing and it was received very positively by all our clients. They were all surprised by the results of this campaign. This is how the campaign goes - business owner (example company SOEN) will put standees and posters all over the stores with a question "Are You a VIP?" - If YES, please send keyword SOEN to 09178881000 to receive exclusive treats. Business owner set up an AUTO REPLY on BUSYBEE Software a Welcome SMS like "Welcome VIP! Your VIP membership has been activated. You will receive exclusive discounts and treats from SOEN!" Once a customer send keyword SOEN to 09178881000, this means that customer OPTED IN to receive SMS campaign from company SOEN.

This simple campaign will works wonders on your retail business. Business owners just need to wait for customers to OPT IN. Business owners can now send SMS campaign during lean period. Business owner can now send SMS campaign if they have sales. Business owners can simply connect now to their customers. Imagine having to text your customers on personal basis. A happy customers can refer friends and can be converted into sales.