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Sunday, December 14, 2014




- Must possess at least Vocational Diploma / College Graduate
- No work experienced required.
- Must be persuasive, assertive and able to project confidence in client interaction.
- Must be a computer literate.
- Must have substantial client base with which to offer our products.
- Fresh graduate are encourage to apply.
- Preferrably with background in Sales and Marketing.
- Not required to report to office everyday.
- Sell products that are extremely easy to sell.
- Be part of a fast growing company.

Interested applicants send your resume to or call us at
(2) 929-2222 or text us at (0917) 837-2000

Monday, December 8, 2014

Does SMS Marketing Really Work?

According to

As most brands and organizations now have a mobile optimized version of their website, the focus is now on encouraging users to travel to your site and interact with the brand itself in order to push increased revenue.
Experienced marketers will tell you that customers are much more likely to respond to campaigns that engage them on a personal level. The marketing strategy must be relevant and timely while meeting the customer’s individual needs. In terms of rate of response, the simple SMS dominates the market. It can add real value to a marketing strategy and continues to grow with the decline in consumer spending. Marketers are being forced to find ever more cost effective ways of engaging with users.
Only 12% are facebook posts read
Only 8% twitter posts read.
Only 21% email campaigns read.
Not always people has an internet connection.
People always bring their mobile phones.
People look at their phones at 10 TIMES a day!

Friday, December 5, 2014

What is FLASH SMS?

Normal SMS go to Inbox. Mobile phone users need to unlock the phone, go to message and inbox to read the message. Flash SMS, on the other hand, is a unique form of SMS wherein message is displayed in front of the screen of your mobile phone even if your phone is set to sleep. Mobile phone users are force to read the SMS because it will flash in front of the phone even without unlocking your mobile phone. Flash SMS works on old mobile phone as well as in smart phones. This is usually used in disaster response and emergencies. This is becoming more famous as well to advertisers and marketers because of its effectivity. Customers are forced to read the SMS campaign of advertisers. Many companies are calling us up for this unique feature of BUSYBEE. Through the help of BUSYBEE, SMEs and big corporations are adapting and embracing innovation. Join us and reap the rewards of using BUSYBEE.

Are You a VIP???

Did you know that "Are You A VIP?" question is very powerful in retail business. We, at BUSYBEE, just recently launched a campaign to improve on loyalty marketing and it was received very positively by all our clients. They were all surprised by the results of this campaign. This is how the campaign goes - business owner (example company SOEN) will put standees and posters all over the stores with a question "Are You a VIP?" - If YES, please send keyword SOEN to 09178881000 to receive exclusive treats. Business owner set up an AUTO REPLY on BUSYBEE Software a Welcome SMS like "Welcome VIP! Your VIP membership has been activated. You will receive exclusive discounts and treats from SOEN!" Once a customer send keyword SOEN to 09178881000, this means that customer OPTED IN to receive SMS campaign from company SOEN.

This simple campaign will works wonders on your retail business. Business owners just need to wait for customers to OPT IN. Business owners can now send SMS campaign during lean period. Business owner can now send SMS campaign if they have sales. Business owners can simply connect now to their customers. Imagine having to text your customers on personal basis. A happy customers can refer friends and can be converted into sales.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BUSYBEE Ver 5.0.0

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It is official! BUSYBEE ver 5.0.0 is coming early next year. We are excited! All our clients are excited! What is exciting about BUSYBEE Ver 5.0.0 is we added a feature called TEAM TxT! What is TEAM TxT? In a company, you usually form a group then you would be given a certain task or project. Your team usually creates an email group like yahoo group. Some team creates chat group like for instance a chat group on skype. With this email and chat group, members can now stay in touch with each other. BUT, what if you don't have data in your cellphone?? Will you still be able to use this email and chat group?? Of course not. In reality, majority of us still does not have data. We only have SMS. TEAM TxT solves this problem. A company using BUSYBEE can now host a group by creating a room just like an email or a chat group. So group with members without data plan can still be connected with each other using BUSYBEE. Is this amazing?

This is the first time we change the look of BUSYBEE! We preserved the over all look focusing on SIMPLICITY but added some very easy to eyes pastel colors. We added short cuts on the left side, in order to address users who are always in a hurry. We added Auto Port Detection to eliminate manual checking of Ports. We added bubble conversation to review string of history conversations similar to SMS inbox in an iPhone. We finally solved coding of incoming LONG SMS. Users can now receive incoming LONG SMS in one part. A lot more features will be discussed soon! Stay tuned

Sunday, November 30, 2014