Monday, October 5, 2015

Should a national candidate go for mobile marketing?

Election fever is really right at the corner. Candidates announcing their intention to run for national post, many Filipinos now are placing their bet on their respective candidate and who will eventually win in the upcoming 2016 election. National candidates like Binay, Mar, Poe, Chiz, Cayetano, Honasan, Marcos, Robredo, Tolentino, Pacquiao, etc luring the voting population to vote for them, questions worth answering are:
Should a candidate for national post engage in mobile marketing?
Is it worth spending millions in mobile marketing? 
Is mobile marketing the new age of campaigning in this digital world?
Will mobile marketing make a candidate win like President Obama?
Will mobile marketing reach majority of Filipinos in the entire archipelago?
Will mobile marketing be as effective as TV and radio?
The answer is YES!

Below are some reasons why candidates should not ignore mobile marketing:
1. Mobile marketing has the highest percentage of READ RATE. Once you receive a SMS, study shows, the probability of you reading that SMS is 95%! SMS campaign will surely be read by your target recipient.
2. Mobile marketing is DIRECT. You will be able to reach your target individually.
3. Mobile marketing is CHEAP. Yes it is the cheapest and the most effective tool to reach your target audience. With a cost of less than a peso per SMS, mobile marketing is simplyaffordable.
4. Mobile marketing is measurable. It is the only marketing tool which has metrics which measure if your campaign message has reached your target recipient. Mobile marketing has delivery reports!
5. Mobile marketing is INTERACTIVE. Most of traditional marketing tools like tv, radio and print are ONE-WAY channel. You cannot interact with your audience. Mobile marketing can be a TWO-WAY channel and can trigger interaction with your audience.
6. There are more than 100 million mobile phone users in the Philippines. Just do the math. Just by getting 50% of the 100 million, 
wouldn't it give you a seat on a national level?
7. Filipinos simply love to txt. Wouldn't it be nice reaching them in the medium they love?
8. To summarize, mobile marketing is the IN thing right now and candidate vying for national post should not ignore it.

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