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5 Marketing Facts and why SMS Marketing is a good investment. #4 is Perfectly True.

There’s a lot of people out there with a phone waiting for your message. If you’ve built a strong targeted market of people who’ve opted-in to your SMS marketing.
Here is some of the top 5 SMS Marketing FACTS on why we should invest an SMS Marketing Services.


Some companies nowadays requires internet connection. However, not every companies can browse any websites because of their company/internet policy; They have to block the social media sites or other websites in order to focus the employees of their own tasks and not to use for personal reasons.

Letters or brochures are discarded or flyers are thrown away.

People nowadays, has no time to listen radio.

Many e-mails have never been read it depends, because they treated as spam emails and some industries requires field work and only their phones is a device that they could bring in order to received an announcements or notification from their employers or clients.

Survey suggests that majority have their mobile phones by their side all day long, and mobile phone is one thing that Filipinos cannot live without. A reason why Philippines is the undisputed mobile capital. SMS has become one of today's most commonly used communication channel, and it is a 21st century mobile culture.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

REVEALED: Barack Obama's Secret to White House

Why Barack Obama is Mobile Marketer of the Year 

Barack Obama
Barack Obama was 2008 Mobile Marketer of the Year
When Doubting Thomases parrot that tired old line of mobile marketing not being there yet, point but to the new leader of the free world: Barack Obama.
While other channels such as the Internet, email, events, print, telemarketing, outdoor, television, radio, public relations and door-to-door can take credit for propelling Mr. Obama to the American presidency, it is mobile that brought the candidate closer to the people.
This publication has run several articles highlighting Mr. Obama and his team's adept use of mobile marketing to reach out to the grassroots. Please type Obama in the search box to get full coverage of Mr. Obama's presidential campaign or read "A victory for Obama, a victory for mobile." 
Team Obama set a stellar example for marketers by packaging their candidate as the change agent and then using the most personal and powerful medium of all -- mobile -- to get that message across.
Mr. Obama's campaign managers, agencies and mobile marketing specialists used a combination of SMS text messaging, mobile Web site, interactive voice response, mobile video and mobile banner ads to reach out to the millions of U.S. voters keen to engage with their candidate through the mobile phone.
Obama epitomizes frontier of digital marketing: ad
First to mobile
Underpinning all of those marketing efforts were two simple mobile platforms: the 62262 (spells OBAMA) common short code and the or http://m.barackobama.commobile Web sites.
While the candidate ultimately signs off on the marketing message and material, credit should go to the mobile marketing firms that made it possible for Mr. Obama to gain that grassroots-level, get-out-the-vote support needed to make him the 44th president of the United States.
T-ObamaSeveral firms worked with Team Obama on the mobile effort, also styled "Obama for America."
Obama uses mobile to encourage supporters to vote
Quattro partnered with ChaCha on an Obama campaign initiative
For example, Distributive Networks worked on the SMS effort to great effect, collaborating with SinglePoint for the creation, launch and management of interactive mobile campaigns. 
Distributive Networks' text messaging and content management platform powered Obama Mobile. 
The company's five goals were to seize control of the mobile channel, build the opt-in list aggressively, develop participant profiles, optimize message frequency and leverage mobile's unique strengths.
The mobile Web site at was built by iLoop Mobile, working wonders to increase Internet access to campaign and candidate information while on the go. 
Team Obama worked with mobile ad network Quattro Wireless and its partners ChaCha and Boost Mobile to run geo-targeted mobile ad messages in several states. Quattro ran banner ads on Boost's wireless network as well as SMS ads on ChaCha's answering service.
For its part, CommerceTel offered interactive voice applications for voter-location as well as SMS opt-in and live voter assistance through click-to-call.
Not only was the messaging focused, but even the execution of the mobile marketing effort for this candidate of change was impeccable.
Medium is the message

What did Mr. Obama's mobile marketing handlers understand?
First, that engaging with voters through a mobile device that's on them or near them round-the-clock was paramount. Those who opted-in to messages from Mr. Obama have raised their hands and wanted to engage.
Second, the messages -- be they SMS text or video or interactive voice response or on the mobile Web site -- were focused, simple and inviting. Supporters felt they were connected and that the candidate spoke with them. It was personal.
Third, the messaging came across as authentic. At that point, it isn't marketing -- it's communicating. Mr. Obama wasn't afraid to ask for help through his text messaging.
Fourth, mobile was a strategy, and not a tactic. There was a long-term plan. This approach is what made his campaign a strong contender for the Mobile Marketer of the Year honor from the many entries received and also from this publication's own list of candidates.
Mr. Obama's mobile marketing team was sensitive to the time, place, appeal and device of the target audience. They used mobile as a targeted, mass medium.
Dropping an SMS message to rally attendance when Mr. Obama was in town, asking for get-out-the-vote assistance at the primaries and in the general election, request for donations, announcing Joe Biden's selection as running mate to an estimated 2.9 million opted-in list of eager supporters, a simple thank-you message of "We-did-it-together" on Election Night -- the candidate's campaign was flawless. 
Take the thank-you SMS message sent just minutes after Mr. Obama was elected on Nov. 4 night:
"We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion to this campaign. All of this happened because of you. Barack."
Fifth, the mobile campaign -- both content and imagery -- blended perfectly with Mr. Obama's multichannel efforts. His campaign proved that mobile gives legs to other channels as well.
Sixth, the mobile effort generated ROI -- the sine qua non of any marketing effort.
All the mobile vehicles used, including SMS, generated foot traffic at primaries and rallies, created a sense of community, raised funds for the campaign and eventually influenced the decision made in the ballot box on Election Day.
Finally, the overall mobile effort came across as genuine. Mr. Obama was one of those he was trying to reach: A BlackBerry addict. As Alan H. Meyer once said, "The best ad is a good product."
So the messaging wasn't trying to make up for what was missing in the candidate himself. Mr. Obama wanted change for this country, and he changed the style of campaigning to actively use a tool that was available to most presidential candidates for more than 10 years, at least the SMS option.
Hence, a mobile marketing campaign for Mr. Obama didn't seem like a stretch. He was of the time.
It would only be fitting if Mr. Obama's use of mobile didn't stop at the water's edge. Why not retain 62262 as the short code for the White House?
Cue: Burst into tears
So it is not with much surprise that Mobile Marketer names Barack Obama as Mobile Marketer of the Year for 2008.
Kudos also to Mr. Obama's campaign managers, ad agencies and particularly to his mobile marketing experts: Distributive Networks, iLoop Mobile, Quattro Wireless, ChaCha, Boost Mobile, CommerceTel and SinglePoint.
If these mobile marketing firms can help an underdog candidate reach out to millions of voters willing to take a risk on an unknown quantity, there is no reason why marketers can't use the channel to launch a new product or service or extend the life of an existing offering.
Mr. Obama is the new occupant of the White House not just because he's shrewd, but because he worked with the smartest tools and smartest people to connect to his target audience with a focused message. Yes, you can -- with mobile.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Should a national candidate go for mobile marketing?

Election fever is really right at the corner. Candidates announcing their intention to run for national post, many Filipinos now are placing their bet on their respective candidate and who will eventually win in the upcoming 2016 election. National candidates like Binay, Mar, Poe, Chiz, Cayetano, Honasan, Marcos, Robredo, Tolentino, Pacquiao, etc luring the voting population to vote for them, questions worth answering are:
Should a candidate for national post engage in mobile marketing?
Is it worth spending millions in mobile marketing? 
Is mobile marketing the new age of campaigning in this digital world?
Will mobile marketing make a candidate win like President Obama?
Will mobile marketing reach majority of Filipinos in the entire archipelago?
Will mobile marketing be as effective as TV and radio?
The answer is YES!

Below are some reasons why candidates should not ignore mobile marketing:
1. Mobile marketing has the highest percentage of READ RATE. Once you receive a SMS, study shows, the probability of you reading that SMS is 95%! SMS campaign will surely be read by your target recipient.
2. Mobile marketing is DIRECT. You will be able to reach your target individually.
3. Mobile marketing is CHEAP. Yes it is the cheapest and the most effective tool to reach your target audience. With a cost of less than a peso per SMS, mobile marketing is simplyaffordable.
4. Mobile marketing is measurable. It is the only marketing tool which has metrics which measure if your campaign message has reached your target recipient. Mobile marketing has delivery reports!
5. Mobile marketing is INTERACTIVE. Most of traditional marketing tools like tv, radio and print are ONE-WAY channel. You cannot interact with your audience. Mobile marketing can be a TWO-WAY channel and can trigger interaction with your audience.
6. There are more than 100 million mobile phone users in the Philippines. Just do the math. Just by getting 50% of the 100 million, 
wouldn't it give you a seat on a national level?
7. Filipinos simply love to txt. Wouldn't it be nice reaching them in the medium they love?
8. To summarize, mobile marketing is the IN thing right now and candidate vying for national post should not ignore it.

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Are SMS Notifications Important?

There are increasing number of victims of internet and atm fraud in our country. Banks who are the institutions we entrusted our money with, are doing their best in putting all the necessary safety measures and securities to stop criminals. Banks can only do so much especially within the boundary of their system. What if this is a case of phishing wherein the identify of the bank's clients get stolen or compromise. Banks, of course, are not super hero that can detect whether transaction being made in their system are legitimate transactions of the client or not. If criminals uses the details of the clients, banks cannot validate and check since transactions via internet or atm are not face to face. Banks can only rely on records archived with them. If records match, it is a legitimate transactions. There are already several actions that banks had already implemented like OTP (One Time Password via sms), increased multi tier security, etc. but problems of fraud still persists. What could be a solution which can stop this?

Busybee suggest SMS notifications in any internet and atm transactions! Why you may ask? This unauthorized transactions are usually discovered by the victims weeks, months or even years! Imagine, if victims will discover this early or even at the very first transaction. Wouldn't be great for banks if they will be notified immediately if there are suspicious transactions in their accounts. Wouldn't be great if banks can take immediate actions? Wouldn't be amount of theft be reduced to a minimal because unauthorized multiple transactions can now be stopped. Now we will ask the questions again, is SMS notifications important? I think the obvious answer is YES! Visit

Enabling SMS on my Mobile App

New data from app analytics provider Flurry released recently states that native app usage on smartphones is continuing to grow at the expense of the mobile web. Developers are continually seeking better apps which can help users to solve common everyday problems. Mobile apps should be unique and interesting to attract users. It should also be interactive for a much greater user experience. Developers are usually confine with push notification with their mobile app which has limited capabilities. Developers trying to learn how to put SMS on their app often experience failure because they cant easily put this. Developers will need a SMS gateway provider who has API. Gateway providers are everywhere but not all has API. BUSYBEE which is at the forefront of Digital Marketing offers SMS via BUSYBEE API. BUSYBEE is receiving lots of inquiries from mobile app developers just to put SMS on their mobile apps. Why wouldn't they, SMS is still cool to have in your mobile app. Visit to discover BUSYBEE API for SMS. Call/text 0917 837-2000

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To win en Election, Traditional Media or Digital Marketing?

Many Filipinos are now feeling the heat of the election again. Scorching heat of the sun plus traffic all over the metro, added to the extreme heat of many Filipinos. Heat in the sense that their blood pressure is at boiling point or simply, they are stressed and mad. There are so many problems facing our country now and all politicians do is campaign! We are paying for their salary and what they are doing is simply insensible!

Ok enough of this and let us now get into the topic at hand. Do you think traditional media can win you an election in this age of internet and mobile phone. Do you think spending billions of peso in traditional media can guarantee you a seat in a national election. Do you think ignoring the power of SMS wont affect your winnability? My answer - resounding NO!

Let us look at the figure first. Philippine population is now at approximately 100 Million.  More than 38 million of these are internet users, while 22 million are Facebook users. Mind you, this figure is from last year and what more for this year. How about for mobile phone users? There are 100 million users of mobile phone from Globe, Smart and Sun. Even though that the figure is staggering, of course we cannot say that all individual owns a cellphone but we are confident that around 80 percent of the 100 million populations owns a cellphone. These figures are unbelievable right? How about we give you a platform which can reach all users of mobile phone? How about we give you a unique form of SMS with your BRAND NAME on it? How about we give you a platform which has analytics which can measure the delivery rate? How about we can help you send your message to 80 million Filipinos in a lightning speed?

SMS made Obama the president of USA. Obama embraces Digital Media because he faced reality. Either you go with it or you go against it. Which side are you?

I will post above questions again, Do you think traditional media can win you an election on this age of internet and mobile phone. Do you think spending billions of peso in traditional media can guarantee you a seat in a national election. Do you think ignoring the power of SMS wont affect your winnability? Do you think ignoring Digital Media can win you an election? Will you spend your 3 billion peso on traditional media alone?

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